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WebSTAT launches new web site
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New user interface enhancements to the reports
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With our appointment reminder service at, we have found WebSTAT to be an invaluable tool for helping us analyze and improve the flow of traffic to and through our site. Thanks to WebSTAT we have been able to increase and track the effectiveness of our presentation. Your Website tools provide everything we could ask for. We cannot imagine doing business without your web analytics services.
VP Development,
At Text.Biz we use WebSTAT to measure the growth of our SMS marketing service. The rich reports provide an extremely helpful "big picture" view which we use to optimize our text marketing strategies.
-Dan G.,
Lead Developer & Marketing Manager, Text.Biz
WebSTAT is the best web statistics program I have used. I am a freelance web developer and run several web sites for my clients. WebSTAT's analysis tools allows me to easily manage my statistics tracking for each of the websites I run.
-Randall S.,
Web Developer/Consultant

The Free Site

Track up to 20,000 page views per month for free
Access to 10 key reports
Includes a free web counter
Option to upgrade to WebSTAT Premium Edition at anytime
Free technical support by email and user forum
What don't you get?
No catch, no gotchas
No bait-and-switch
No pressure to upgrade...ever
Tracking of up to 20,000 pageviews for absolutely free
Easy to install client-side statistics software
Access to over 40 reports, including executive summaries, traffic patterns, visited pages, search engines, campaign tracking, and visitor details
Scalable architecture. Track 1 page view or 1 million page views per day
Free 14-day trial period for feasiblitiy testing
Priority technical support
What don't you get?
No long-term contract to sign
No setup fees
No training or expensive consulting fees required